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Has the work from home trend created opportunities for ISPs?

For ISPs and telecoms, providing options to facilitate a modern and distributed workforce could be a major financial boon. This includes support services for monitoring and managing connectivity, empowering remote IT administration, and premium upgrades to residential infrastructure.

2020-11-28T18:03:36+00:00November 9, 2020|

What challenges are presented by the new work from home trend?

There are many nuances in how to deal with the work at home environment, but the underlying challenges are a lot more usage, a lot more simultaneous usage, and a lot more usage of high-value traffic, like voice and video.

2022-08-24T21:05:52+00:00November 9, 2020|

Does work from home present network security challenges for employers?

Devices used at home are not receiving the same degree of protection as one in an office setting. In a professional setting, workers benefit from technical and security support provided by IT admins. But in the home, this specialized expertise is often lacking.

2020-11-05T18:10:04+00:00November 2, 2020|

Do employers have budget for work from home network solutions?

Even before COVID-19 turned employees into teleworkers, companies were willing to compensate workers for home office expenses. Knowledge workers in tech are now receiving several hundred dollars a month to offset costs related to work from home.

2020-11-10T20:49:48+00:00November 2, 2020|

EQUIPE™ Launch: Challenges and opportunities in serving work-from home needs

Moderator: Claus Hedding, Wi-Fi NOW CEO & Chairman Panelists: Chalan Aras, VP Products, Citrix Glenn Garbelmann, VP Access Architecture & Engineering, Lumen Technologies (formerly CenturyLink) John Cioffi, Chairman & CEO, .

2022-08-24T22:13:55+00:00September 25, 2020|
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