Equipe architecture

Let’s talk a little bit about the architecture for the Equipe platform.   

Within the home, Equipe runs on certified WiFi gateway hardware and WiFi extenders, supporting several secondary WAN options. We works with a variety of equipment providers to ensure a consistent user experience. The work-from-home employee interacts with the system via a smartphone application. 

The Equipe hardware continually reports status and is controlled through a set of cloud services which include the Workput predictor and monitor, WiFi device management, including telework device prioritization, Multi-WAN management, including controls and policies for failover and load balancing, and a recommendation engine linked to upgraded services to improve employee productivity.

Equipe provides a scalable user interface for enterprise IT administrators and can also provide API services for field technicians and third-party support organizations. The system can be linked to the service provider customer care organization should the enterprise IT admin elect to escalate an issue. This provides a unified view of performance and issues for faster trouble resolution and leverages our expertise in carrier network management and optimization systems.