The Equipe IT admin panel

A key concept with Equipe is that your employees should be focused on their work and they should not be dealing with IT problems, just like they would not be dealing with IT problems if they were still at the office.   

Today enterprise IT administrators have a number of tools available to them in order to remotely diagnose application and service issues, but they all require connectivity to the remote desktop. Equipe fills in this gap by providing the enterprise IT administrator with visibility into the remote working side of the residential network.

With Equipe, the IT administrator gains critical connection insights into individual connections and comprehensive aggregates of system-wide connectivity. With this information, IT professionals can review connection details, including the status of broadband and WiFi networks, including secondary standby lines. Through Equipe, the IT admin can initiate real-time connectivity tests and take a variety of remote actions on equipment to resolve issues.

Equipe quickly provides recommendations on a user’s service without diving into a lot of diagnostics and data.  The IT admin can perform connection upgrades on the teleworker’s behalf, including initiating appropriate available services. The system can be integrated with carrier system such that the enterprise IT administrator can order the extender on behalf of the employee.

Important for the remote worker is also the connectivity performance to services the enterprises uses.  Equipe can be configured to test connectivity to a number of common platforms from the user’s home.  The system evaluates connectivity and generates service Quality of Experience so the IT admin can pinpoint issues.

Workput measures how a connection affects productivity, not just for an individual, but across an entire team. Equipe gives IT administrators visibility into how connections are impacting the workforce.

Equipe summarizes teleconference activity, providing detailed Quality of Experience data on a user’s connection. One of Equipe’s most interesting features is the ability to identify employees most negatively impacting by a user’s Workput on teleconferences. Once identified, the IT Admin can then investigate those users, solve issues, and improve the overall workput of the team.

Equipe provides aggregate statistics across all employees.  Workput is still central to monitoring the overall health of the remote team. In addition to aggregate statistics the team view allows the IT Admin to get an ordered list of employees with poor Workput. The IT admin can investigate poor performance and follow recommendations on an employee-by-employee basis. Alternatively, policies can be established where the system will automatically prompt the IT admin for approval of recommendations based on the system discovering issues.  This is especially useful for larger organizations where there may be hundreds of employees that need some type of upgrade now that they are working from home a significant portion of the time.