The new normal and resilient connectivity for remote teams

Tiago Rodrigues and the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) invited  Tuncay Cil and Phil Bednarz, along with special guest Dr. Chalan Aras, Vice President Products at Citrix, to discuss the future of work from home and how companies can improve connectivity across a remote organization.

Rodrigues, Chief Executive Officer of the WBA, helped set the table for the hour-long event, which featured in-depth presentations from Cil, Chief Strategy Officer and Bednarz, Executive VP Engineering and Operations. Both Cil and Bednarz went into great detail on the new normal and how Equipe, the industry’s first platform for managing residential connectivity, will impact the future of work from home.

The event wrapped up with an extended roundtable session between Rodrigues, Cil, and Aras, where the three industry thought leaders covered a variety of topics surrounding the needs of employees and employers, while also identifying opportunities and challenges for global work from home.

Learn more about  the new normal and resilient connectivity for remote teams by watching the video in its entirety.